April 8th, 2018 - We're finally back online! And of course, the question everyone's been asking is...

Where the Hell have you guys been?!?!?

Long story short, we took some time off to regroup and take care of some personal business inside and outside of the band - new jobs, family life, and don't forget the non-stop kegger parties that have come to be affectionately known as "Sunday"... :)

Our domain accidentally expired, and of course, there was someone there to scoop it up to make a profit before we renewed... one and a half years later.... This story deserves a the time it takes to share a wobbly pop... 'nuff said!

But, all is good these days and the guys are back in full form with new tunes, new toys, and new friends - a big thanks to all all of you for your continuing support. The band's feeling likes it a fresh start, and it's all about good times and good friends from here forward - we hope to see everyone again soon!

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